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Hi 👋, I'm Dora Zhao.

I am a Master's student at Princeton University, studying computer science. I am interested in machine learning fairness, AI ethics, and human-computer interaction. Currently, I am working in the Princeton Visual AI Lab, advised by Professor Olga Russakovsky. This past summer, I interned at Sony AI in the AI Ethics group.
I received my undergraduate degree from Princeton University, where I majored in computer science with minors in Asian American Studies and statistics + machine learning. Previously, I have worked in the Stigma and Social Perception Lab led by Professors J. Nicole Shelton and Stacey Sinclair, conducted research on the federal government, and interned at a travel start-up.


  • [08/21] Started my Master's program at Princeton University!
  • [08/21] Finished my summer internship at Sony AI on the AI Ethics team, where I worked on generating synthetic data with GANs for reducing bias in object classification tasks.
  • [07/21] One paper accepted to ICCV 2021: Understanding and Evaluating Racial Biases in Image Captioning



  • COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques, Fall 2021
  • COS IW 07: Computer Vision for Social Good, Spring 2021
  • COS IW 08: Fairness of Visual Recognition, Spring 2021